The purpose of accreditation is to assure quality in postsecondary education and demand accountability for students and the general public. C-RAC members have a shared focus on supporting higher education access and equity for students and promoting quality educational opportunities. Here are a few quick facts about the work of accreditation supported by C-RAC members:


The primary focus for C-RAC members is to assure postsecondary quality and protect students. 


C-RAC members have supported institutions nationwide in developing thousands of new programs and practices designed to better serve students and meet the needs of the 21st century workforce in support of our national and global economies.


Each commission has taken steps to improve the transparency of information related to accreditation decisions to ensure students and the general public can fully understand institutions’ accreditation status.


Accreditors partner with more than four thousand volunteer experts to support institutional quality and accountability.


Each C-RAC member has a Commission made up of a diverse group of individuals, including institutional representatives, members of the public, and employers – each of whom bring a unique expertise and perspective to the accreditation process.


In recent years, C-RAC members have vastly expanded efforts to embrace data-driven decision making, helping institutions monitor outcomes, respond to trends, and better identify institutions that need support.


Accreditors help oversee and protect more than $150 billion in taxpayer resources/ federal student aid dollars.


C-RAC members have also developed thoughtful standards and policies that support institutional innovations, such as competency-based education, distance education, and emerging technologies, as well as encourage improved transfer of credits among institutions.


C-RAC members help assure quality at 2,866 Title IV institutions in 3,524 locations across the United States (2017)

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