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Inside Higher Ed: Accreditors Can Hold the Line

An excerpt of the Inside Higher Ed article, written by NECHE President Larry Schall, is below:

It is not groundbreaking news that the political and social divisions in our country are immense. While most of us care about the same things—safety, security, economic well-being, family, faith and equal justice—I believe our news outlets and politicians emphasize our differences to further their own interests and agendas, rather than the beliefs that we hold in common. But that’s a story for another day.

My immediate concern, as someone who leads the nation’s oldest higher education accrediting agency, is to ensure that the political and social agendas that predominate today, on both the left and the right, do not alter what have been the twin guiding principles that have helped make American colleges and universities the envy of the world. Those principles are academic freedom and the right of institutions to be free from governmental overreach.

Today, both of these long-standing principles, principles that have served us so well and distinguished the United States from so many other countries, are at real risk.

Read the full article here.

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