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Inside Higher Ed: College Credit in the Time of Coronavirus

Conversations around transfer of credit have become increasingly important as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent Inside Higher Ed article highlights an effort spearheaded by the American Council on Education to establish guidance for institutions to use when determining whether to accept transfer credits.

Members of C-RAC have historically recognized the value of commonsense transfer of credit policies in promoting improved student outcomes and completion. While institutional leaders retain autonomy over individual credit transfer decisions, each C-RAC member holds standards or policies that encourage transfer of credit. Additionally, in cases of institutional closure, accreditors have taken steps to directly engage institutions to encourage transfer of credit to help affected students continue their education at a different institution. 

An excerpt of the Inside Higher Ed article is below:

Six major higher education groups issued a set of principles Thursday for accepting academic credit during this tumultuous time.

The statement, drafted by the American Council on Education and signed by the leaders of groups representing public, private nonprofit and community colleges, highlights eight practices institutions should follow to best help students navigate the transfer of credit process -- which is difficult to negotiate in the best of times -- during the coronavirus pandemic.

Students often find that some or many or their academic credits from one college aren't accepted when they try to transfer to a different institution, especially if they are attempting to move from two-year to four-year colleges, or from nationally accredited colleges to those accredited by regional agencies.

At the center of each principle is the acknowledgment that this is an unprecedented time that calls for institutions to respond in unprecedented, flexible ways, said Ted Mitchell, president and CEO of ACE. Institutions also need to put their students at the center of their decisions and remember that this situation is only exacerbating existing inequities in higher education.

Read the full article here.

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