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Higher Learning Commission Hosts State Agency Annual Meeting

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

HLC hosted state agency representatives from its 19-state region Nov. 8-9 during the annual meeting of State Higher Education Executive Officers. This year’s theme was “Communication, Collaboration, & Advocacy for Student Success.”

Attendees took part in informational sessions spotlighting HLC Student Success and Assessment Academies, re-envisioning HLC’s relationship with the Triad in Higher Education, and outreach efforts to improve communication between HLC and the SHEEOs.

Additionally, a presentation by D’Arcy Philps, principal of DC-based Penn Hill Group, informed the crowd on current and emerging higher education policies from the Trump administration and Congress, including negotiated rulemaking and state authorization.

Stephanie Davidson, vice chancellor of academic affairs for the Ohio Department of Higher Education shared a case study on her agency’s work with HLC to streamline change processes to save institutional time and money while also enhancing oversight.

HLC also provided insight and gathered feedback from attendees on its new strategic plan. The session served as part of ongoing HLC stakeholder input on the developing plan.


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